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A brand new, BIGGER Daylight Wafer Lightbox is finally here! The 3" wafer is thin and lightweight. It has dimmable LED lights and provide an even spread of light from edge to edge!

It is powered by a Mains/AC Adapter and runs on very low heat. The wafer is ideal for use with detail-oriented projects, such as calligraphy, stenciling, scrapbooking, embossing, quilting, embroidery, sewing, and much more!

CLICK HERE to watch a quick video on how this wonderful lightbox works!

  • Tracing Area:  60cm x 46cm (23.5" x 18") - A2 Size.
  • Ultra-thin: 0.8cm (0.3”)
  • Weight: 3.6kg (7.9lbs)
  • Cable Length 183cm (6’)
  • High quality LED's 

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